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Getting Help

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Welcome to our online registration system. Please note the break down in costs.

Football - $150 registration fee ($125 for Tiny), $50 Jersey fee (we will be getting all new Jerseys in the 2018 season), $40 raffle fee

Flag-Flex Football $100 registration fee (includes T-shirt), $40 raffle fee

Cheer - $120 registration fee, $80 warm up fee (not needed if 2017 warm ups are approved and fit), $40 raffle fee.  Please note, starting in 2018 we will no longer provide the cheer shoes.  If you need to order a new pair Kristy Shaw cheer director can send you links for approved shoes.

NMAYF Mission Statement

The NMAYF philosophy is to provide solid fundamental football and cheerleading skills in a relaxed atmosphere. We will teach techniques that are vital to the athlete in reaching his or her fullest potential.

The purpose of NMAYF is to teach every player the fundamental and advanced skills necessary to make him or her a better football player /cheerleader and to help them develop future athletic ideals in sportsmanship, leadership and citizenship.

We recognize that we are students first, and athletes second. Understanding the Family (TEAM) can only progress with the presence of PRIDE and RESPECT; we commit ourselves to reaching our full potential. We know that every action must be with the TEAM in mind, and unwavering loyalty to the TEAM must be an absence of special privileges for any individual. We will achieve greatness with PATRIOT PRIDE while having FUN.